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Wholesale Products Sourcing Service

If you run a business or plan to start one anywhere within East Africa, we are the perfect global sourcing partner for you. We have established strong business relationships with major suppliers of probably everything that is legally imported into the East African region.

When it comes to shipping, we scan the market for the most cost-effective shipping service providers on the specific day we expect to ship, right down to their in-house foreign exchange rate to ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

All our quotations are all inclusive (fully disclose every single cost), valid for seven days and subject to all our Global Shopping Service factors. 

This is not a free service; at our discretion, we charge an upfront nonrefundable commitment fee to cover our expenses. This commitment fee is deducted from the cost of the final order or automatically forfeited upon expiry of the quotation. 

To request a quotation for bulk/wholesale orders, kindly email your request to FactoryOutletEA@gmail.com.

Your request must be in form of a spreadsheet (Excel/Numbers) and contain the following fields:

  1. Brand Name(s) – ie Apple
  2. Product’s Name and Model Number/Description – ie iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB
  3. Relevant Product Variation Attribute – ie Gold
  4. Desired Order Quantity – 20


*Unless otherwise agreed, any request that is not received in the above format is automatically disregarded in the interest of saving time.

In your interest, your request must also include your projected order date. This date helps us to prioritise which quotation to work on first, therefore giving you adequate time to prepare your order without the risk of forfeiting your commitment fees. Our goal is to get you the most competitive rates possible to enable you to compete locally and grow your business.