international shopping redefined

The Factoryoutletea.Com Is A One-Stop Global Shopping Service For Both Wholesale And Retail Shoppers. Our Services Are Designed To Enable You To Shop Anywhere In The World, Even From Merchants Who Do Not Offer Delivery Services To Kenya Or The East Africa Region In General.

To Enjoy Our Global Shopping Services, Simply Send Us Any Of The Following:

      1. The Product’s Full Description (Brand-name & Model Number/Unique Description) & Order Quantity.
      2. Link (URL) To Each Product On The Manufacturer’s Website Or Online Store Where You Want Us To Buy It From And The Order Quantity
      3. All Relevant Contact Details Of The Dealer And A brief Introduction To Him/Her.

We Work With Established Factory Distributors, Remote Dealers, Online Retailers And Shipping Agencies To Create A Seamless, Cost-Effective Supply Chain That Is Dependable All Year Round. We Limit Ourselves To Branded Products That Are Legal At Source And Destination, With No Exception Whatsoever.


As stated above, our primary shopping criteria is that the goods must be legal at their origin and at the destination. Besides the above, below are some minimum mandatory requirements to enable us to serve you:

    1. The Merchant:
      • Must be able to process online payments via VISA or any safe bank instrument of our choice. 
      • Must be able to deliver the ordered goods to any of our delivery addresses.
      • Must be able to speak, read and write simple English.
    2. The Product 
      • Must be branded and have a unique model number or a universal description in case you want us to find the it for you.
      • For online shopping, the link must open a secure site which must be in the English language
    3. The Customer
      • Must provide a deliverable physical address otherwise goods will be delivered to the courier’s location at your nearest town.
      • Must make 100% payment up front for your order to be processed.

Additional requirements may be necessary especially when shopping for specialised or restricted goods and may vary from one location to the next. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Merchant and the Products meet the set criteria, we’ll ensure that you also do.


Categories of Goods We Source

      • All Types Of Electronics, Audiovisual Equipment, Musical Instruments, DJ Equipment etc
      • Automotive Spare Parts, Service Kits, Performance Kits & All Related Accessories
      • Books, Novels, Magazines, Comics etc
      • Building Materials & Related Accessories
      • Computers, Smartphones & Related Accessories
      • Cosmetics, Beauty Products & Fragrances
      • Crockery, Cutlery, Cooking/Dining/Kitchen Appliances & Accessories
      • Furniture, Furnishings, Fittings & Home Decor Items
      • Fashion & Fashion Accessories
      • Gym Equipment, Fitness Accessories, Sporting Goods etc
      • Health, Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements
      • Motor Vehicles, Motorbikes
      • Paper & Paper Products
      • Plant Machinery & Related Spare Parts
      • Tools & Workshop Related Items
      • Toys & Games
      • Uniforms & Safety Equipment etc


Finding products and generating quotations takes both time and money. Below are the current applicable, non-refundable charges:

      1. Consultation Fee: KSh 1,000 + VAT
      2. Service Charge: KSh 4,000 + VAT

The above charges do not apply to the products sold on this site. The charges also do not apply to products from the categories below, unless you provide external links or location where we should buy them from or if otherwise stated in your quotation:

      1. Perfumes & Perfume Gift Sets
      2. Smartphones, Tablets & Apple Products
      3. Gaming consoles, accessories and video games
      4. Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements

For repeat customers, the consultation fee is automatically deducted from the service charge once your order is confirmed.

Through our extensive network, we are able to directly shop from most physical shop/factory addresses and online stores that deliver to our addresses in the following cities:

      • Amman, Jordan
      • Bangkok, Thailand
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Beirut, Lebanon
      • Cairo, Egypt
      • Dubai, UAE
      • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Guangzhou, China
      • Hong Kong, China
      • Istanbul, Turkey
      • Jakarta, Indonesia
      • Johannesburg, South Africa
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      • London, UK
      • Milan, Italy
      • Mumbai, India
      • Nairobi, Kenya
      • New York, USA
      • Ontario, Canada
      • Paris, France
      • Seoul, South Korea
      • Shanghai, China
      • Singapore, Singapore
      • Sydney, Australia
      • Tbilisi, Georgia
      • Tokyo, Japan

The above list is updated regularly and may change from time to time with or without notice. Delivery time depends on the shopping location, mode of shipping and delivery location.