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Global Online/Offline Shopping Service

Since 2013, The Factory Outlet East Africa has consistently run a unique global shopping service that specializes in 100% genuine products from the world’s leading brands. We shop, ship & deliver weekly to all cities & major towns across East Africa.

Our global shopping service is designed to enable you to buy anything legal from anywhere in the world hustle-free, both offline or online; including from merchants who do not offer delivery services to the East African region.

We shop from all major/popular online retailers worldwide, established factory distributors and remote dealers who can deliver or arrange delivery to any of the shipping locations from where we ship – listed at the bottom of this page. We liaise with international couriers and shipping agencies to create a fast, seamless, cost-effective supply chain that is dependable all year round.

Product Sourcing Criteria

To avoid unnecessary hurdles we limit ourselves to genuine products that are legal at source and destination, with no exception whatsoever. To enjoy Our Global Shopping Services, Simply Send Us Any Of The Following via WhatsApp (+254 713 756372) or email:

      1. The Product’s Full Description (Brand-name & Model Number/Unique Description) and Order Quantity.
      2. Link (URL) To Each Product On The Manufacturer’s Website Or Online Store Where You Want Us To Buy From And The Order Quantity for each product.
      3. All Relevant Contact Details Of The Dealer And A brief Introduction To Him/Her.

As stated twice above, our primary shopping criteria is that the goods must be legal at their country of origin and destination. Besides the above, below are some minimum mandatory requirements to enable us to serve you efficiently:

    1. The Merchant:
      • Must be able to process online payments via VISA or any safe bank instrument of our choice. 
      • Must be able to deliver the ordered goods to any of our delivery addresses.
      • Must be able to speak, read and write simple English.
    2. The Product 
      • Must be branded and have a unique model number (ie Nokia 3310) or a universal description (ie SanDisk 1TB Micro SD Card) in case you want us to find it for you.
      • For automotive spare parts, we simply require a chassis number and the name of the required part(s).
      • For online shopping, the link must open a secure site which must be in English and be able to accept Visa payments from cards issued by foreign banks.
    3. The Customer
      • You must provide a deliverable physical address otherwise goods will be delivered to the courier’s location at the nearest town to your location.
      • You must make 100% payment up front for your order to be processed.


Additional requirements may be necessary especially when shopping for specialised or restricted goods and may vary from one location to the next. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Merchant and the Products meet the set criteria and that all addition documentation or information is provided if/when required.

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Shipping & Service Charges

Finding products and generating quotations takes both time and money. Our standard service charge is USD30 or KES3,000 – whichever is greater. Depending on your requirements, you may also be required to pay an upfront consultation fee. Both charges are non-refundable and charged separately from the total cost of buying and shipping your goods. These additional charges do not apply to the products listed on this site.

Universally, shipping fees are calculated based on the greater unit between the actual weight and the volumetric weight. The final cost will also be determined by the mode of shipping (Air/Sea), location and destination of goods. All charges will be clearly stated in your quotation, enabling you to make an informed decision before placing your order.

Your quotation will also indicate the estimated delivery time based on the information provided by the dealer and courier services provider. Any delays will be communicated to you as received.

Locations From Where We Ship

Through our extensive network, we are able to directly shop from most physical shop/factory addresses and online stores that deliver to our addresses in the following cities:

      • Amman, Jordan
      • Bangkok, Thailand
      • Barcelona, Spain
      • Beirut, Lebanon
      • Cairo, Egypt
      • Dubai, UAE
      • Frankfurt, Germany
      • Guangzhou, China
      • Hong Kong, China
      • Istanbul, Turkey
      • Jakarta, Indonesia
      • Johannesburg, South Africa
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      • London, UK
      • Milan, Italy
      • Mumbai, India
      • Nairobi, Kenya
      • New York, USA
      • Ontario, Canada
      • Paris, France
      • Seoul, South Korea
      • Shanghai, China
      • Singapore, Singapore
      • Sydney, Australia
      • Tbilisi, Georgia
      • Tokyo, Japan


The above list is updated regularly and may change from time to time with or without notice. As mentioned earlier, delivery time will greatly depend on the shopping location, mode of shipping and delivery location.

Whether you just want it or really need it but can’t find it locally, we can help you get it fast! Simply call/WhatsApp +254 713 756372 for assistance. We look forward to serving you soon.