The Factory Outlet East Africa

Who We Are

The Factory Outlet East Africa Is A Nairobi-Based Online Retail/Wholesale Distribution Platform That Was Founded In 2012. As The “East Africa” In Our Name Suggests, We Serve East Africa; Specifically The East African Community.


What We Do

We Source Genuine Branded Goods On-Demand And Facilitate Online Shopping From Any Online Store On Earth, Including Those That Do Not Deliver Locally, And Coordinate Delivery To Our Customers Across East Africa.


Global Sourcing

As The Undisputed Leader In East Africa, Our Global Sourcing Criteria Is Simple: Legal Branded Goods With Model Numbers Or Unique Universal Descriptions. For Automotive Parts, We Require Valid Chassis Numbers.

Online Shopping

Simply Share A Link From Any Online Store Or Marketplace On Earth And We’ll Do The Rest. Ensure You Read And Understand The Seller’s Terms And Conditions. Our Role Here Is Limited To Buying And Delivering To You.


What We Can Do For You, Right Now!

We Can Cost-Effectively Distribute Your Products Across The East African Community, Online And Through Our Offline Networks.


We Can Cost-Effectively Help You Distribute Your Inventory Across The East African Community, Online And Through Our Offline Networks.


Not Only Can We Help You Cost-Effectively Source New Products, We Can Also Help You Sell Your Current Inventory Online And Coordinate Deliveries Across The East African Community.

Want To Make Money? It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are Or What You Do, All We Care About Are Results; We Pay You Instantly For Every Successfully Closed Sale!

Through Our Global Sourcing And Online Shopping Programs, We Can Get You Virtually Anything Legal That Is Produced On Earth.